The None to Run Podcast

Whether you have struggled with your weight or just want to find out simple ways to eat better, you're going to love this interview with Darya Pino Rose.

I have been following Darya's website, Summer Tomato, for a couple of years now. As a science-geek myself, I can appreciate Darya's balance of science and practical advice in her writing and approach to food.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • the importance of being a mindful eater
  • organic vs non-organic foods
  • why you should spend more time in your kitchen and less time at the gym
  • Darya's new book, Foodist
  • quick tips to kick-start your healthy eating
  • The Biggest Loser
  • if weight loss is simply a calories-in, calories-out equation
  • building healthy eating habits
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