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In this episode, I talk with Tina Muir.

Tina is an elite runner chasing her dreams of representing her country in a major World Championship.
Her PRs are 16:08 (5k), 33:24 (10k), 1:13 (Half Marathon), and 2:41 (Marathon). 
Tina grew up in England and now lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband. 
She is also the host of the Run to the Top Podcast and works as a Community Manager for Runners Connect - one of the few podcasts for runners I listen to on a regular basis.
But don't let Tina's blazing fast race times fool you. Tina, like you and me, struggles with many of the same mental battles that al runners face. It doesn't matter if you're a pro trying to qualify for the Olympics or a total beginner looking to lose 30 pounds. 
In this chat Tina shares personal stories about these struggles - many of them will hit home with me and will do so for a lot of you listeners I think. In fact, in her last race she had a panic attack and somehow managed to keep going and win the race.
Tina also shares some of her best tips for beginner runners and her simple yet powerful approach to eating healthfully. 
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Enjoy the show everyone.

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