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Today's show

Firstly, today's episode is sponsored by my beginner running plan, None to Run.

If you can't currently run for more than 5-minutes straight without stopping to catch your breath or you've struggled with running injuries in the past, None to Run was made for you.

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About Today's Guest, Dorothy Beal

Dorothy Beal is a 35-year old mother of 3, a runner (34 time marathon runner) and the creator of Mile Posts. She is a certified Road Runners Club of America and USATF Level 1 certified running coach.

Dorothy has been featured in places, to name a few, like:  Runner’s World Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine and more.

Perhaps her best work is on her Instagram account where she sends important messages to her followers about body positivity.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Dorothy's favourite marathon (she has run 34!).
  • How Dorothy got into running.
  • Body positivity and the message Dorthy is sharing with her community (and daughter).
  • How strength training he helped Dorothy become more confident and improved her running.
  • Balancing a busy family life (Dorothy has 3 kids), career and running.
  • Dorothy's favourite books and podcasts.
  • Tips to help you find motivation when you need it most.
  • And much more!

The show notes for this episode with be at - there you'll also be able to download the transcript to this episode.

Enjoy the show everyone!
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